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Welcome to Perfect Couple Hunt. First hunt in Second Life for Couple. The hunt will run from May 1st to May 31st 2011. For more assistance please do not hesitate to contact JoseY Kaligawa, Marcel Mosswood or Yayank Haystack.

Starting point :

Perfect Couple Hunt Photo Contest Winner

Here are the Perfect Couple Hunt photo contest winners and their stories :

1st Winner :


We were onto our next hunt location which was Raucous, we teleported in and looked at the hint "im cover with leaves", both thinking it was supposed to be "im cover[ed] with leaves," we look up and saw that... well theres a lot of leaves, looking for plies of leaves.. anything, and it is a very beautiful place we went to. we looked around up and down all over, and couldn't figure it out, we were completely stumped, we wondered under neath the tree houses and trees looking for the prize as well as at the beauty of the place. slowly, as lovers do we started to get side tracked, beginning to dance and enjoying each others company the time slipping by unnoticed. by this time we were just lost in each others embrace, we slowly stopped dancing and began to enjoy all the couples poses together, holding my sweat heart by the fire, then stopping for a moment remembering we were on the hunt, looking for a minute and then going back, sitting down on a ledge, and having my love reach up and kiss me passionately, completely fascinated with each other forgetting everything else, and everyone. by this time we were there for over an hour, probably almost two and half. we decided to go home and look tomorrow... The next day we teleported in, i took one look at the hint, read it out loud... "Oh, hey i get it" I ran over over to the first tree house and scampered up, and low and behold the present was sitting right there for the taking, laughing together, knowing I had looked there the night before but was to distracted by the beauty of my wife to pay any close attention.

2nd Winner :

The invisible stores

Yes, you read right. Invisible stores and that during a hunt. :)

That one day we decided to move on with the Perfect Couple Hunt which was a lot of fun the days before. So we went to the next LM we had and were waiting that the store would rezz.

Suddenly I saw that Jim was above me but I had really no idea how he could make it. When I asked him, he said: "Honey, there are stairs in front of you"

(Thinking: "Crazy girl"? .... Not sure, so better ask him what he thought. When I will show him that notecard he will tell me to remove that part, because he would not think that, but no way) *smiles*

"Stairs? .... There are no stairs, there is .... NOTHING" I told him

And that is what I saw ... nothing. No stairs, no not fully loaded prim .... absolutely nothing. I just saw the water beyond myself and Jim in an store without floor.

But he told me that there ARE stairs and so I moved forward and trusting him I used the invisible way into the store with the invisible floor. The only thing I could do for continuing the hunt in that store was trusting my love that there is a floor and no stairs or anything I could run into it. And I did .... and could find the hunt gift first :)

You think that was all? OH, NO !!! You are as wrong as I was,

thinking it would be better in the next shop.

We moved on to the next one and when we saw it in front of us, I tried to go in, but I could not !

I tried it again, but it was like running against an invisible wall. I could see Jim going into the building but I could not follow him. The same again ... parts of the store were invisible and did not appear for me.

You will ask now, why did she not try to relog. Good question, but I tried it ... with the help of SL that let me crash 4 times during the time we (tried to) spend in these two shops. After another crash I still could not see the door, but Jim opened it for me and this time I could go through and looking for the gift. And we found it. :) (Ok, yes, I am honest,

this time he found it first) :))

After this experiences and the fact that I crashed for a fifth

time in half an hour we decided to take a break from the

hunt that day.


What is the reason why I chose especially this story for you

from all the nice things that happened during the hunt?

The answer is quite simple: Because it shows the true nature of our relationship. Whatever happens - I always can trust him and never need to have any doubt about anything. And

whatever happens he never loses his patience with me (or my crashs).

And that is the reason why we will get married soon because no matter what goes wrong, no matter what life (and/or Second Life) brings up next, we just love each other more.

3rd Winner :

Unwritten and I (Dragonna) have been working on this hunt together from the start, a couple since April 1 where in one swift move he swept me off my feet.

At location #38 Raucous where the garden is amazing, Unwritten and I proceeded to hunt, while looking dilegently Unwritten stumbled upon a dance floor with a fog emitter, calling me over he asked me to dance telling me that we needed to stop and smell the roses, as he spun me across the floor with the blue and white fog and the sun setting, we danced into night as he swept me off my feet all over again.

We returned there later to dance this time we took a pic to show this incredible place made better by the incredible person we were with.


Congratulation for both of you and have fun with the prize ^_^

Thank you for being with us in Perfect Couple Hunt. We will announce new hunt soon.

~Josey, Yayank, Marcel~

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Hunt Timeline

Hunt Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind, in order to make hunting fun for everyone:

1. Do not shout the location of the hunt prize in open chat. If you are hunting with a friend, reveal the prize's location in IM.

2. Be courteous to the designers, models and store staff members. After all they are giving you a free product.

3. If you do not like the prize, just delete it from your inventory!

4. When you TP to a new location, step out of the way to let things rez. If everyone just stands there, avis will start piling up on top of each other and nobody will be able to move.

5. Before you go hunting, bring down your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost). When you are wearing lots of prims, you cause lag. Here is how to check your ARC: Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost. A little number above your head is your ARC. If your number is in red, try wearing less prims.