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Welcome to Perfect Couple Hunt. First hunt in Second Life for Couple. The hunt will run from May 1st to May 31st 2011. For more assistance please do not hesitate to contact JoseY Kaligawa, Marcel Mosswood or Yayank Haystack.

Starting point :

Perfect Couple Hunt Gift

from Made By Margerita Oh

from ^Moulliez

from Shadow Moon

from aQ Creation

from Izziebellah

from KayeElle Kreations

from House Of Xevion

from NaturArt

from Aidoru

from SB Wear

from Finishing Touches

from Herberry

from Sandy - The Style

from Dressed By Lexi

from Aphrodite

from Aphrodite

from Naughty Naughty

from Cupcake Clothing

from PDN's Potpourri

from Random-Onics & Pink Wolf

from Kucinta

from Trixa Designs

from Ms. B Designs

from Asteria Creation

from ::Thy Design::

from FEEEL

from Saris Creation's

from AAA Poses

from Olegun Cloth and Photography

from HC Creations

from Pipper's Place

from [:BIASTA:]

from :m:ess Animations

from SFD

from ZC Designz

from Black Kitten Home & Design

from Pics N Poses

from Marcel's Beautiful World

from Virtual Whimsy

from Ultimate Shapes

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Hunt Timeline

Hunt Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind, in order to make hunting fun for everyone:

1. Do not shout the location of the hunt prize in open chat. If you are hunting with a friend, reveal the prize's location in IM.

2. Be courteous to the designers, models and store staff members. After all they are giving you a free product.

3. If you do not like the prize, just delete it from your inventory!

4. When you TP to a new location, step out of the way to let things rez. If everyone just stands there, avis will start piling up on top of each other and nobody will be able to move.

5. Before you go hunting, bring down your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost). When you are wearing lots of prims, you cause lag. Here is how to check your ARC: Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost. A little number above your head is your ARC. If your number is in red, try wearing less prims.