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Welcome to Perfect Couple Hunt. First hunt in Second Life for Couple. The hunt will run from May 1st to May 31st 2011. For more assistance please do not hesitate to contact JoseY Kaligawa, Marcel Mosswood or Yayank Haystack.

Starting point :

The Hint

1. JK Studio (Mature)
hint : We are twin. Carefully, one of us is fake :DD

2. Marcel's Beautiful World (Mature)
Hint: Don't worry be happy, 'cause my dodos won't bite you, and the lion too

3. Saris Creations (Mature)
Hint: look me near big diamond heart

4. House of Xevion (Mature)
Hint: Take a look at all the beautiful faces.

5. ZERO COOL Designz (Mature)
Hint: "Kneel down in front of your Godness und you will be rewarded!"

6. K2K Headquarter (Mature)
Hint: Watch the barmaid inside

7. Viviane Fashion (Mature)
Hint : lets cuddle

8. made by margerita Oh (Mature)
Hint: a perfect couple for your living room: terracotta pots and green plants.

9. ..:HC Creations:.. (Mature)
Hint: The best place in the spring is to snuggle under the palm trees near the camp fire
(From this store you will get LM to #11)

11. Static Clothing Co. (Mature)
Hint: Look at all the pretty birds!

12. AMAZING art gallery (Mature)
hint : i like groups....so look in side the amazing art gallery to find me

13. Naka's Catwalk Designs (Mature)
Hint: This is so Lovely

14. Jan's MusicLounge & Tesoro Furniture and Gifts (Mature)
Hint: Never forget to take a look behind the treasure... ;)

15. Feeel Store 1 (Mature)
1. hurry up the steps
2. Take care!!! Its slippery around!

16. **Asteria Creations** (Mature)
Hint: See the big room on the right side ..

17. Fuzion Fashions (Mature)

18. Aphrodite shop PG
Hint: Search better on the upper floor

19. Shadow Moon (Mature)
Hint: Perfect Couples will eventually need these for their new home together.

20. Xclusives Animations (Adult, Age Verification required)
HINT: The Perfect Couple always hunts for the best HOME FURNISHINGS. Maybe they will find what they are searching for with a HEART SHAPED BED.

21. JaZe shop (Mature) Owner: jack2 zelin
Hint: YUB (store #22 just moved to the new location, pls take LM from group notice named "LM change for #22 and #69"

22. Clothes Culture ( Mature)
Hint: Please touch hint board for latest hint

23. Pics n Poses (Mature)
Hint: Hmmm, let's see...how many visitors have I had today?

24. SB Wear (Mature)
Hint: You will find me hanging among red

25. Abundantia ( Mature)
Hint: Miss Fortunes knows where everything is!

26. Trixa design (Mature) Owner: Kaiserw Kirby
Hint: You look better wrapped up then naked

27. ^^Moulliez (Mature)
Hint: Keisha is looking for the perfect guy.

28. Cupcake Clothing ( Mature)
Hint: Cupcake 45L
(from this store you will get LM to #30)

30. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; (Mature)
Hint: i am layin on a lil table (2nd floor)

31. HerBerry ( Mature)
Hint: Perfect Couples are also known as "my other half", look for your prize in Halfie....

32. Lapo's Softouch Fashions (PG)
Hint: Feathers, fur, or croakers, we all need a snuggly place to call home.

33. .::E-line design::. (Mature)
Hint: Do you like reading?

34. Feeel Store 2 (Mature)
What is needfull for a hardworking tailor?

35. PA DESIGNE (Mature)
Hint: It is hiding where my dreams are

36. LOoLOo's (Adult, age verification required)
Hint: I got you Babe

37. Sandy - *The Style* (Mature)
Hint: look above under it

38. Raucous (Mature)
Hint: I am cover with leaves

39. Urban Republic Co (Mature)
Hint: Men's “Prancing Black Horse” Ferrari

41. Whittentons (Mature)
Hint: On the desk ring the bell for service, Take the gift for free.

42. *Finishing Touches* (Mature)
Hint: "I HEART you!"

43. Props-N-Poses (Mature)
Hint: Here you will find my gift to you that will last "Forever and Always."

44. Pene's Creations (Mature)
Hint: Palm trees can be relaxing, especially if they're by a pond.

45. Naughty Naughty (Mature)
Hint: Slap me baby I will give you something good

46. Carrie's Lingerie (Mature)
Hint: we will be together for all ETERNITY

47. Serenity in the sun Designs (Mature)
Hint: 2011 is a great year for the perfect couple (womens)

48. Precious Shine
Hint: At the neck of the love i want to be a lil letter

49. EZ Stores (Mature)
Hint: The prize you seek is not too far, you'll find it high where numbers are

50. Dressed by Lexi (Mature)
Hint: Look for the Sexy Man!

51. KayeElle Kreations
Hint: Let's go for a walk

52. Ultimate Shape (Mature)
Hint: It's that time of the month!

53. MAGNIFIQUE (Mature)
Hint: Click to subscribe

54. CD Designs (Mature)
Hint: Perhaps taking sometime to meditate and think on the manner will be helpful.

55. Kucinta (Mature)
Hint: The heat is on but it is cool up here!

56. Deadfall Designs and Photography (Mature)
Hint: Weeeee! Weeee! Look at me! I like skulls as well as tea!!

57. Drifter's Ranch / Pipper's Place (Mature)
Hint: Corners are a good place to look....

58. [: B!ASTA :] (Mature)
Hint: In every lovestory there will be UP's and DOWN's...

59. Thy Design (Mature)
Hint: love sunbathing together!!!

60. Dolome designs (Mature)
Hint : wow hope its waterfroof

61. HardWear (Mature)
Hint: Don't get stung!

62. Inspired ( Mature)
please skip this one. get LM to the next store in group notice named "missing LM's - pls skip it"

63. Olegun Cloth & Photography (Mature)
Hint: gift proposal

64. Bella's Designs & ..:*:.. BMP Photography (Mature)
Hint: Sometimes something evil can hold a surprise.

65. Vent du Sud (Mature)
Hint: "reading improves the mind"

66. eXplicite Designs ( Mature)
Hint: Gothic Violet Roses

67. Whispering Jewels (Mature)
Hint: Nothing is better than a freebie
(store #69 just moved to the new location, pls take LM from group notice named "LM change for #22 and #69"

68. dropped from the hunt

69. Black Kitten Home & Design (Mature)
Hint: Sevilla is beautiful this time of year... Sit here under the beautiful dancer and rest a while.

70. JE Club Equipment (Mature)
Hint: The poor mans air conditioning.

71. Dani's Designs (Mature)
Hint: These boots were made for walking

72. Random-Onics & Pink Wolf (PG)
Hint: I'm swimming with the fishes.

73. Stylin' By Sarafina (Adult)
Hint: There is a couple in the shop, but only one holds the prize.

74. RL Technologies (Mature)
Hint: Exercise your right to vote at RL Technologies

75. AIDORU (Mature)
Hint: show your love... on her finger :)

76. Jelita / Rumah Inspirasi (Mature)
Hint: find the treasure buried behind the beauty of spring atmospher

77. EB Rooms Home Furnishings (Mature)
Hint: Cuddle me under the tree (newest hint)

78. Garden of dreams (Mature)
Look for a snowy place that might lift you up up in the sky.

79. Dark Water Design (Mature)
HINT: "Nothing is so sweet as the 'perfect couple', but still, too much candy will rot your teeth."

80. NaturArt (PG)
Hint: You need not to go upstairs but ...

81. Bound & Bitten (Adult)
Hint: Its raining its pouring

82. Pose Pirate (Mature)
Hint: Hidden below you will catch me and not let me fall

83. Dew Me Furniture (Mature)
Hint: Run Forrest Run!

84. :m:ess - Animations by Gianluca Munro (Mature)
Hint: at the vendor "Kiss 3"

85. Earthly Delights (Mature)
Hint: the Heart of the Flower

86. Darkrose Designs (Mature)
Hint: Trying to escape the heat but this wood is making me itch

87. Star*Crossed Designs by Star*Crossed Weddings (Mature)
Hint: Give your hunny an Eskimo Kiss

88. Kabuki Creations (Mature)
Hint: Dont you love it to go out and enjoy the sun (ground floor)

89. True 21 (mature)
Hint: Everyone Envy's Me!

90. Devil's Trade (Mature)
Hint: No hint

91. ~Lantian~ (Adult)
Hint: Look where the sparklies are!

Hint: Walk, fly, or use the TP service to the Mini Dome Gallery; look carefully along and about the 2nd floor – it’s very hard to see but there are your prize: two of our most popular items .. .yours for free… wheee. CAUTION. Do not buy any product you do not intend to buy. Our long standing policy is no exchanges, no refunds, EVER

93. PDN's Potpourri (Mature)
Hint: We became the "perfect couple" when he placed a ring on my finger :)

94. STAKEY (Mature)
Hint: Are you playing footsy with me?

95. Virtual Whimsy (Mature)
Hint: It's a Piece of cake!

96. BoatHouse (PG)
New Hint: Loves undying flame (From this store you will get LM to #98)

98. AAA Poses (PG)
Hint: Couple Poses Vendors are hot

99. Condemned designs (Mature)
Hint:Take a seat and maybe youll find what your looking for

100. aQ creating lifestyles (Mature)
Hint: Join me in the Tropics for a relaxing sauna in the gazebo

101. Ms. B. Designs (Mature)
Hint: "I'm so WRAPPED up in this perfect hunt"
from this store you will get LM to #103

103. Nefeli's Gestures (Mature)
Hint:Party up!Party up!
from this store you will get LM to #105

105. CC Decor (PG)
Hint: You will ADORE this leather daybed

106. :Sommerfeld Furniture Designs: (Mature)
Hint: A "SOPHISTICATED" couple would love to cuddle here, but make sure you look all around or you'll miss your prize.

107. :JSC: J.Shawn Creations Male`n` Female Clothing (Mature)
Hint: "behind my eyes you will find the truth"

108. Xplicit Furnishings (Mature)
Hint: on second we chaise and lounge together

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Starter Pack For All Hunters

from Ultimate Shape

from Marcel's Beautiful World

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Perfect Couple Hunt Gift

from Made By Margerita Oh

from ^Moulliez

from Shadow Moon

from aQ Creation

from Izziebellah

from KayeElle Kreations

from House Of Xevion

from NaturArt

from Aidoru

from SB Wear

from Finishing Touches

from Herberry

from Sandy - The Style

from Dressed By Lexi

from Aphrodite

from Aphrodite

from Naughty Naughty

from Cupcake Clothing

from PDN's Potpourri

from Random-Onics & Pink Wolf

from Kucinta

from Trixa Designs

from Ms. B Designs

from Asteria Creation

from ::Thy Design::

from FEEEL

from Saris Creation's

from AAA Poses

from Olegun Cloth and Photography

from HC Creations

from Pipper's Place

from [:BIASTA:]

from :m:ess Animations

from SFD

from ZC Designz

from Black Kitten Home & Design

from Pics N Poses

from Marcel's Beautiful World

from Virtual Whimsy

from Ultimate Shapes

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Hunt Timeline

Hunt Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind, in order to make hunting fun for everyone:

1. Do not shout the location of the hunt prize in open chat. If you are hunting with a friend, reveal the prize's location in IM.

2. Be courteous to the designers, models and store staff members. After all they are giving you a free product.

3. If you do not like the prize, just delete it from your inventory!

4. When you TP to a new location, step out of the way to let things rez. If everyone just stands there, avis will start piling up on top of each other and nobody will be able to move.

5. Before you go hunting, bring down your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost). When you are wearing lots of prims, you cause lag. Here is how to check your ARC: Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost. A little number above your head is your ARC. If your number is in red, try wearing less prims.