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Welcome to Perfect Couple Hunt. First hunt in Second Life for Couple. The hunt will run from May 1st to May 31st 2011. For more assistance please do not hesitate to contact JoseY Kaligawa, Marcel Mosswood or Yayank Haystack.

Starting point :

Info For Hunter

The Perfect Couple hunt will run from May 1st to May 31st, 2011. Like the name of the hunt, the theme of the hunt is for couples. As far we know this hunt will be the first hunt in SL targeted for couples. We noticed that lots of hunters do hunts with their partners (male –female). They love to do it with their bf/gf, wife/husband or just good friends. Of course this hunt is also open to single people, sometimes hunts have lead them to meet their future "one" during the hunt. Who knows- you may find your perfect mate during this hunt as well, smiles….

The gift will be matched item sets for couples (male-female), for example matching clothes, shoes, poses for couples etc.

Starting Point :

There will also be a contest during the hunt. We will find the best couple in the hunt (details of the prizes will be announced later).

Contest Rules:

1. You and your partner (bf/gf,wife/husband, or just good friends (as long its female and male) must be members of Perfect Couple Hunt Group. The group will be open to Hunter 1 week before hunt start

2. Mandatory: Take the best picture of you and your partner in full complete outfits that you acquired during the hunt. Write in the nc the names of the items you used in the pic and the store from which they were obtained. The pic size should be 512x512 pixels. You are allowed to send up to 3 picturess per couple.

3. Write a short story that tells one of your good experiences, special moments, or funny anecdotes with your partner during the hunt. For example, you and your partner raced during the hunt, whoever got the gift first might have gotten a kiss from their partner or had to pay the other 1L, or maybe a story about how you found your partner during the hunt. This is not required but we will use it as consideration to choose the winner (what is meant here is that the short story is not required but will be counted as a plus if it is provided).

4. The picture(s) have to be full perm and only your name is allowed to be on the pic (note that your name on the pic is not required). Please do not put the name of your photographer anywhere on the picture if the pic was taken by a photographer. And be sure to ask your photographer if the pics are allowed to be used for the contest.

5. Place the nc, the short story and the pictures into a folder, name the folder "PCH Contest - " and pass it to Yayank Haystack.

6. The contest is only open for Hunters- vendors are not allowed to participate.

7. The winner will be chosen based on a panel of judges and their decision will be final. There will be 3 couples chosen as winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

8. Deadline to submit the nc, pics and the story is May 25th 2011 at 10pm SL time.

9. We will announce the winner on June 1st through the group notice and in the blog.
For more info, contact JoseY Kaligawa, Marcel Mosswood, or Yayank Haystack by IM and/or nc (nc is preferred).

Have fun, we hope this hunt will bring you and your partner lots of valuable gifts and good memories ^_^

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Hunt Timeline

Hunt Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind, in order to make hunting fun for everyone:

1. Do not shout the location of the hunt prize in open chat. If you are hunting with a friend, reveal the prize's location in IM.

2. Be courteous to the designers, models and store staff members. After all they are giving you a free product.

3. If you do not like the prize, just delete it from your inventory!

4. When you TP to a new location, step out of the way to let things rez. If everyone just stands there, avis will start piling up on top of each other and nobody will be able to move.

5. Before you go hunting, bring down your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost). When you are wearing lots of prims, you cause lag. Here is how to check your ARC: Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost. A little number above your head is your ARC. If your number is in red, try wearing less prims.